GHE FloraCoco Bloom

FloraCoco Bloom
FloraCoco Bloom is an aggressive formula tuned for increased yields during the flowering phase. This unique formula includes high levels of phosphorus and all the necessary elements for abundant flowering.

FloraCoco is a high quality nutrient, efficient, and specially designed to give you the best results in coco.

This powerful formula, unique and exhaustive, includes enough calcium and magnesium to guarantee your plant an excellent development, with no need for calcium, magnesium and phosphorus additives.

Easy to use, this is a 2-part formula, Grow and Bloom is designed for vigourous growth and abundant flowering, which guarantees dependable and stable results.
FloraCoco brings plants a complete and balanced diet for the vegetative cycle (FloraGrow) and for the flowering and fruiting cycles.

GHE FloraCoco Bloom
GHE FloraCoco Bloom
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