Maxibright 150w Digilight

150w Maxibright Digilight Digital Ballast  
Running at 0.67 amps that this small high quality unit replaces CFL lamps and Leds as it runs at such a small ampage but has a much greater lumen output.
A 600w Digi ballast is rated at 2.75 to 3.25amps whereas the maxibright digital mini 150 is rated at 0.67amp.  In real terms you could run five digilight 150 units for the same power consumption as one 600w digital unit.
  Advantages of the maxibright digilight 150w include the following
  Draws only 0.67 amp
  Reduced power consumption.  Uses a fifth when compared with the 600w ballast
  High lumen output (min 17600)
  Low bulb temperature.  Reducing the need for high volume cooling fans
 Added  stability for the environment
  Full RF filtration
  No need for costly contact/relay controllers  Operates when used with any timer
  Operates with  either M/H or HPS 150w bulbs
 The digilight 150 Ballast carries a full three year guarantee.


Maxibright 150w Digilight
Maxibright 150w Digilight
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