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Over the last few years there has been a big shift in the hydroponic lighting market away from the old style, heavy magnetic ballasts over to lighter, cooler running, adjustable digital types giving the grower greater control over their lighting regime and less of a headache when it comes to heat issues. There has also been great leaps forward in terms of LED technology with its greater spectrums of light, virtually no heat and amazing depth of light penetration. Ceramic Metal Halide lamps are in the mix too ( and some others we haven’t mentioned yet )so here at Sea of Green we have tried to bring you small but quality selection of lighting options which should suite all situations from propagation lamps to double ended all singing all dancing 1000w digital ballasts that with the test of a with will do the washing up! ( Would be nice but that’s a lie ).



We have chosen to concentrate our standard ballast to one single product so that we can provide a high quality piece of kit at an affordable price for growers who run any standard hid lamp in the 250-600w range wether using sodium or a metal halide lamp. Also by offering only one option the grower just has to purchase a separate lamp if they wish to expand the size of their room or use a lower rated lamp during hotter months etc.. Digital ballasts run much cooler than standard magnetic ones and also don’t have the electrical draw on start up, this puts less stress on the ballast and the equipment connected to it. Less fuss, greater versatility with less outlay.



For those of you wanting a more powerful ballast we have the Omega 1000w (400v ) Digi-Pro Digital Dimmable Ballast. This top of the range ballast will run a double ended 1000w ( 400v ) rated lamp ( link to lamps )and give complete control over the light with its 6 different settings. Plugs into a standard 240v mains supply but with its higher frequency 400v running system will give more PAR ( link to explanation of PAR ) in relation to power usage.



These little digital ballasts will run both the Daylight and Agro 315w lamps ( link to lamps )and just to compare, in all trials one of these will out perform a 400w standard HID in both quality and quantity of yield. This is down to the spectrum of light emitted by the lamp being far superior to that of standard lamps.

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